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Looking for fic

I been looking for this fic for months now and I'm getting desperate. I hope anyone can help.
All I remember was that there was this new and upcoming actor who was bisexual. He somehow met Eric and the two started dating. I think he was in LA to do a movie or something. This actor lived in New york and when it was time for him to go back home, he asked Eric to come with him. Vince didn't  like that, and decided to profess his love. The fic ended with Eric and Vince in a relationship.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Edit I thought of another fic I'm also looking for.
All I remember is Eric and Vince being in a secret relationship. Somehow some girl took a picture of them on a boat. I don't know if they kissed, but it was clear that they were a couple. All else I can remember is that there were some paparazzi who bumped into Eric so that he would fall into Vince, making it look like they were hugging, and then took a picture.  In the end they were at a resturant, and when they were leaving a pair of girls asked if they could take a picture. Vince said, only if you put them on the internet, and then they kisssed while a girl took a photo.
Sorry this is all kind of rambled.
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