Lancera- Classical Dressage, Arthurian Tradition (lancera_luso) wrote in the_guesthouse,
Lancera- Classical Dressage, Arthurian Tradition

Eric, Sloan and Torrie - Last Time

 AN: a few people like myself seem to be fans of this paring, YAY for that lol.. so i thought i would share this "fic in a video." I have been playing around with the idea of doing another video dedicated to the whole cast and luxuriousness lifestyles.  However for the moment this is what i have. after watching S3 i loved the idea of E lusting after Sloan's bff, and so this video, was born.  i have to say, I just Love E! 

Ps, wasn't sure about the spelling of her name so feel free to correct if i am wrong. 

Tags: sloan
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