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entourage fan fiction

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beta needed [07 Mar 2012|05:47pm]

I just finished an Entourage fic for smallfandom big bang. It's around 11k and a/u so only minimal canon knowledge is required. Due on the 31st. anybody that can take a look at it would have my thanks forever. PM me or contact me at ceares at yahoo dot com
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Fic: Alpha, Omega (Vince/Eric) [30 Jul 2011|01:03pm]

Title: Alpha, Omega
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Vince/Eric
Length: 1,400 words
Spoilers: None

(The beginning and the end)
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Pimping: A Gay Marriage Comment Meme [03 Jul 2011|02:56am]


Because there's isn't enough Entourage prompts/fills as there should be!

So let's tear this meme, fandom!

As a matter of fact, I believe there is only one at the time that I am posting this!

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Long Awaited(?) Continuation of Noir 48 part 3 of 10 [21 May 2011|06:46pm]

Sorry it took so long to get back to this. Read more...Collapse )
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Looking for fic [12 Apr 2011|07:40pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

I been looking for this fic for months now and I'm getting desperate. I hope anyone can help.
All I remember was that there was this new and upcoming actor who was bisexual. He somehow met Eric and the two started dating. I think he was in LA to do a movie or something. This actor lived in New york and when it was time for him to go back home, he asked Eric to come with him. Vince didn't  like that, and decided to profess his love. The fic ended with Eric and Vince in a relationship.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Edit I thought of another fic I'm also looking for.
All I remember is Eric and Vince being in a secret relationship. Somehow some girl took a picture of them on a boat. I don't know if they kissed, but it was clear that they were a couple. All else I can remember is that there were some paparazzi who bumped into Eric so that he would fall into Vince, making it look like they were hugging, and then took a picture.  In the end they were at a resturant, and when they were leaving a pair of girls asked if they could take a picture. Vince said, only if you put them on the internet, and then they kisssed while a girl took a photo.
Sorry this is all kind of rambled.

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[26 Mar 2011|08:18pm]

Hey Entourage fans!

I wanted to let you know of this community called japan_calls that's trying to raise money and help Japan.

The objective is:

Our goal is to use the voices of admired entertainers as motivation to get others to donate to a worthy cause. We will hold open auctions for people to bid in receiving a personalized 15-second voice recording from a celebrity of their choice. (anything more/less is dependent on circumstances/willingness of the voice)

And Jeremy Piven has graciously signed up to be a part of it! The auctions start this Monday, March 28th and will last about a week. Hope to see you there!

Mods, hope this is okay to post as it involves one of the actors. If not, please feel free to delete!
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Short-winded elations. [25 Mar 2011|05:12pm]

Title: Short-winded elations.
Author: pr_scatterbrain/Professional Scatterbrain.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Rating: R
Pairing: Rose Byrne/Vince, (Eric/Vince, Sloan/Eric)
Summary: An AU where Vince meets Rose Byrne at The Great Gatsby premiere.

It's all about the hustle. Nothing more than that.
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All the Pretty People [31 Jan 2011|10:56am]

Not entirely sure if off-LJ fics are allowed, so if it's not, please remove it. I just don't want to repost the story here out of sheer laziness.

Title: All the Pretty People (via fanficton.net)
Author: poetsgrace 
Category: Drama/Angst
Pairing: Vince
Rating: T
Summary: Vince has thirty days to prove to Eric that this can be better, that he can be better.
Word Count: 13,730

Read onward at FanFiction.net
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Fic: Drama Is Not Subjective - Entourage/CW RPF, R, Gen, Humor, Friendship, Jensen, Johnny & Misha [16 Jan 2011|04:24pm]

Title: Drama Is Not Subjective
Author: The Artful Dodger / dodger_sister
Fandom: Entourage/CW RPF
Category: Crossover, Friendship, General, Humor
Characters/Pairing: Johnny, Jensen & Misha with Turtle, Eric, Vincent, Jared, Danneel, Genevieve, Jessica Alba and Valarie Rae Miller
Rating: R (for language)
Warnings: Adult Language (it’s Entourage, people).
Spoilers: Plot points on Supernatural for season three and onwards.
Summary: Johnny Drama hates that Jensen Ackles dude. The feeling is mutual.
Word Count: 5,358 words

The bane of Johnny Drama’s existence.
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Looking for a fic... [25 Dec 2010|06:55pm]

Hey all,

I read this a while ago, and I'm hoping it might ring a bell with someone here: E and Vince are together, but E is getting stressed and depressed and Vince trying to help just stresses E out more. There's a scene where they have a fight and E goes to sleep in his office. I feel like this was part of the series where E's mother died and the depression was because of that, but I can't find the scene in the series at fourteencandles lj.

Does anyone remember this?
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Turtle/Drama Slash? [22 Nov 2010|03:19pm]

Hey I'm new to this community, I was just wondering if any Turtle/Drama Slash exists cuz I think they make a pretty Cute Couple
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Entourage Fic: Mrs. Ari Intrudes (Ari/Vince) [20 Oct 2010|05:06pm]

So, er, those 2 people who are interested in S3 era Entourage Ari wackiness... take a blast to the past with me?

Title: Mrs. Ari Intrudes
Fandom: Entourage
Spoilers: General series spoilers. I wrote this back in Season 3
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ari/Vince
Length: 1,650 words
Summary: In which Mrs. Ari knows best. Consider this an intervention.

("Ari," she said (in that way that only she could say it, in that 'I-am-the-mother-of-your-children' way, which meant that he had to listen), "this is getting out of hand.")
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Eric, Sloan and Torrie - Last Time [31 Aug 2010|10:23pm]

 AN: a few people like myself seem to be fans of this paring, YAY for that lol.. so i thought i would share this "fic in a video." I have been playing around with the idea of doing another video dedicated to the whole cast and luxuriousness lifestyles.  However for the moment this is what i have. after watching S3 i loved the idea of E lusting after Sloan's bff, and so this video, was born.  i have to say, I just Love E! 

Ps, wasn't sure about the spelling of her name so feel free to correct if i am wrong. 

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HBO/Showtime LAS [31 Aug 2010|09:10pm]

ALL ships allowed!

Do You Like To Write?

Like to write? Love any of the shows on the HBO and/or Showtime Networks? Great! There is a new challenge, called hboshowtime_las, where you write a fanfic of at least 100 words every two weeks based on a different prompt. Then they get voted on and the person with the least votes is out that week and the person with the most is safe next week. Till you have one author standing who wins! What do you win? A snazzy graphic and a $10 GC to Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You don't even need to be a GREAT writer!

... who will come out on top?
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The Afternoon In the Aston Martin (Eric and Sloan) [31 Aug 2010|01:57pm]

 Title: The Afternoon in the Aston Martin
Rating: R
Characters/Pairing: Eric and Sloan (Entourage)
Warnings: sexuality
Summery: Eric finally gives Sloan the keys to his Aston Martin and their afternoon in the sun takes a rather sexy turn.
AN: I am on FIRE today! two Inception fics and two Entourage ones!!! lol wouldn't you know it, i get my creative wave back just as i am about to go back to school. ^^ enjoy everyone, this is my first ever entourage fic. also if anyone knows of any E/Sloan communities let me know. 

Please E...Collapse )
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I'm not sure what I think about this. [26 Jul 2010|07:20pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Title: Save Me, Save Me, Save Me
Fandom: Entourage
Spoilers: None
Pairing/Characters: Vince and Eric
Length: 111
Summary: I saw Inception today. This is what came out.
Soundtrack: Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks

x-posted to my personal journal.

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Oh my god, fanart. [19 Jul 2010|05:21pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

WHAT. I DREW FANART? Yes, I did. In celebration of my new tablet. And not to toot my own horn or anything, but this is the first Entourage fanart I've ever seen, and I've checked everywhere, including paheal (AKA rule 34).


This was inspired by throughadoor's fic "you've got a pretty bad poker face", which I love with all my heart and soul.

Title: you've got a pretty bad poker face
Fandom: Entourage
Spoilers: None.
Pairing/Characters: Eric/Vince
Progam Used: GIMP 2.0
Time: Two or three hours?
Summary: "...and Eric wonders what they look like to all the cars driving by, a guy in a sauce-stained apron and a fucking movie star."
Artist's notes: I didn't draw the cars because A) I'm lazy, and B) I was seriously pushing my luck drawing a background that didn't suck completely and draw all the attention away from the boys; I didn't need to push even farther by trying to draw a damn car.

x-posted to silverotter

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Co-Dependent Vince/Eric 7/? [27 Jun 2010|02:12am]

[ mood | distressed ]

Rating: Low I think
Pairing: Vince/Eric or Vince/Eric
Summery: E is not doing well and Vince is the reason why.
Author Notes: This may be the last chapter actually. I would love your thoughts. Also I am sorry this is late.


“Maybe I should get a bodyguard” and he grins as he says it because its a joke.


And Turtle replies, “Shit, man, E’s the one that needs the fucking bodyguard, not you"

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Fic: 50 Sentences [26 Jun 2010|07:07pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Title: Hugh Everett Was Right
Fandom: Entourage
Spoilers: There's not many, but just to cover my ass: general series wide spoilers.
Pairing/Characters: Eric/Vince; with cameos from Johnny, Turtle, Ari, Mrs. Chase, and Sloan.
Length: 1600 words
Summary: Because I don't have the attention span to write a full length fic at the moment, I went with a 50 sentences fic to get down some of the ideas that have been swirling around my head. And don't worry about the title, it's just a horribly geeky physics reference. Please let me know about any typos, etc.

x-posted to 1sentence and my personal journal.

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FIC: Just Another Sad Love Song {Entourage; Eric centric} [21 Jun 2010|11:38pm]

Title: Just Another Sad Love Song
Fandom: Entourage
Spoilers: General series; I wrote this back in Season 4.
Pairing/Focus: Eric; one-sided Eric/Vince
Length: 1,100 words
Summary: Season 4 era. In which Eric thinks about Vince more than he'd like, but not more than he can take.

(Just Another Sad Love Song - Entourage slash)
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