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The Afternoon In the Aston Martin (Eric and Sloan)

 Title: The Afternoon in the Aston Martin
Rating: R
Characters/Pairing: Eric and Sloan (Entourage)
Warnings: sexuality
Summery: Eric finally gives Sloan the keys to his Aston Martin and their afternoon in the sun takes a rather sexy turn.
AN: I am on FIRE today! two Inception fics and two Entourage ones!!! lol wouldn't you know it, i get my creative wave back just as i am about to go back to school. ^^ enjoy everyone, this is my first ever entourage fic. also if anyone knows of any E/Sloan communities let me know. 

“Please give me the keys Eric” Sloan begged

He sighted, dragging his hands over the door of his blue Aston Martin in a sweat goodbye, dropping the keys into her open hand. 

She squealed with delight and climbed into the drivers seat. He climbed in beside her, doing up his seat belt as tight as it would go.

She turned it on, not even bothering to put it into drive, she pressed down on the gas , the car growled and from her throat Eric was pretty sure he heard her moan.

“It’s calling to me Eric, it’s says drive me”

She let out another whoop, hit the gear and off they went heading for  the freeway, going from 0 to 120.

“Easy Sloan”

Her breathing came in quick gaspe's, as the car growled to life under her. She was totally turned on, her eyes and face glowing. E gripped the dash, slightly scared yet, slightly excited at the same time.

“Carful baby,” he said laughing.

The cars sleek body grabbed the road, flying along at 130 now. Sloan’s eyes narrowed her hands fingered the wheel. She kept pumping the gas trying to make the car growl again. Eric watched her body, her shoulders tensed, pulse pumping threw her neck. Her eyes glowed and he was pretty sure that if he touched her he would feel that her skin was on fire,

a dirty idea began to form, moving from his brain to his hand.

Her excitement turned him on and without thinking he grabbed her face brining his lips to hers. She sequels against his lips, her foot hitting the gas once more, they both turn their eyes to the road, their lips still locked. Her tough darts to his upper lip, meanwhile he dragged his hand down her body to her belt, moving to undo it.

“Eric! Not here” she laughs

He smirks pulling away from her; he sits back in his seat his hand still undoing her belt. She watches him undo it but still makes no move his hand.

Her eyes focus on the road, but her body responds to him. He dips a hand into her jeans, feeling the thin fabric of her thong. He reaches his hand down and with one quick motion he rips the thong right off of her.

“Eric!” she laughs but there’s a moan in it.

“Keep driving” he says as his dips one finger inside of her, she’s hot to his touch, her head falling back in pleasure.

She hits the gas again, her foot pumping the gas in rhythm with his finger. He increases his pace moving a second finger into her, then a third. She lets go of the wheel, reaching down to increase his rhyme.

“Sloan!, do you want to kill us both.”

He stops his pressure for a moment, giving her time to regain her composer, the car is flying now, almost at 140. She aims for the next exist off the freeway, her eyes complexly wild as he starts moving his hands again. She slams the car to a stop on a disserted part of the beach; her abruptness sending his head right into the dashboard with a heavy thump.

“owww Sloan..”

“Sorry”  she says blushing

What happened next is a blur because now she is sitting on top of him, knocking his fingers from her core. She rips his belt from his jeans feeling his arousal through his pants. He shoves her jeans down wanting to kiss more of her body.

“Get in the back seat,” his hisses

Looking around to make sure they are alone she climbs in. It’s not like they haven’t had sex before but never in public like this.

Eric doesn’t care, he pushes her onto the seat, pinning her beneath him, kissing his way down her body until his lips graze her opening, causing another laugh to escape her throat. He shoves his jeans down kneeling between her thighs, she loops her hand through his gazing at him with a look of pure affection. Her look of pleasure increases as he takes her, fast and hard right there in the back seat, she struggles to get the lead from him but he holds her down remembering the look in her eyes as she feels the roar of his car.

She clamps around him riding out the waves as he puts her over the edge, his own climax soon following. Her nails grab at the leather seats, placing very small rips in the interior, any other time he would have cared about that, but not right now. They lay there on the back seat for a while.

“so i guess me giving you the keys was a good idea after all”

She leans in and places a small kiss on his lips, her hand under his chin,

“a very good idea ”
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