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Fic: 50 Sentences

Title: Hugh Everett Was Right
Fandom: Entourage
Spoilers: There's not many, but just to cover my ass: general series wide spoilers.
Pairing/Characters: Eric/Vince; with cameos from Johnny, Turtle, Ari, Mrs. Chase, and Sloan.
Length: 1600 words
Summary: Because I don't have the attention span to write a full length fic at the moment, I went with a 50 sentences fic to get down some of the ideas that have been swirling around my head. And don't worry about the title, it's just a horribly geeky physics reference. Please let me know about any typos, etc.

x-posted to 1sentence and my personal journal.

#01 - Comfort
After six hours of tossing and turning, Vince stumbles bleary-eyed and half naked into Eric's empty room; and face down in the covers that smell of E, he can finally, finally sleep.

#02 - Kiss
Every magazine from People down to the National Enquirer has the photo of their pre-Oscar smooch on it, and while Eric wants to smack the guy who opened the limo door too soon, Vince is seriously considering sending him a car.

#03 - Soft
When Vince palms the breast of the model he's about to fuck in a broom closet, all he can think of is how much he wishes it was Eric and all his hard flat planes in this closet with him.

#04 - Pain
"Oh, god, Eric, again..." Vince hisses, even though he knows he'll have to explain the bruises on set the next day.

#05 - Potatoes
The year Eric's family can't afford anything but potatoes, Vince doesn't say anything, just silently hands over his extra sandwich every lunch, and Eric has never been more grateful in his life.

#06 - Rain
Standing on his weather beaten balcony back in Queens, smoking a cigarette from a ten year old pack he'd found wedged behind his dresser, Eric watches the rain hit the blacktop street until it looks like a river, and contemplates diving in.

#07 - Chocolate
When the power goes out the night before Christmas, Mrs. Murphy makes them hot chocolate over a little can of Sterno and they huddle under the covers of Eric's bed, telling stories with burned tongues.

#08 - Happiness
After attending their first Broadway play Vince is practically skipping through Time Square, dragging Eric by the hand and singing what he remembers of the finale, and Eric thinks he could learn to love Charlie Brown.

#09 - Telephone
"You answer that and I will never have sex with you again."

#10 - Ears
"Vince you idiot, I told you it was the right side that meant something!"

#11 - Name
Sloan realizes she never even had a shot when Eric tightens his fingers in her hair and gasps, "Vince..."

#12 - Sensual
Eric knows most people think "sensualist" is synonymous with "hippie pussy"; what it actually means is that Vince can suck Eric's cock for hours and get off just as many times at Eric without even touching himself.

#13 - Death
"You did not just propose to me over the phone, while you're in New York, and I'm LA; Jesus, romance really is dead--of course I accept..."

#14 - Sex
The morning after their first time they cuddle --because that's the kind of guy that Eric is-- and make out --because that's the kind of guy that they both are-- and then head downstairs where they're met with applause from Turtle, and breakfast from Johnny, and it's almost (almost, mind you) better than the night before.

#15 - Touch
Vince is surprised, and a little disappointed, when no one from the press realizes that there isn't a single photo from last year's Oscars where Eric isn't touching Vince.

#16 - Weakness
Vince only starts to really worry when Eric won't even open his door for a slice of Eddie's.

#17 - Tears
"I'm sorry Mr Murphy, we did everything we could--" and it's the first time in twenty years that Turtle has seen Eric cry.

#18 - Speed
When Vince finds the little white pills in Eric's bag, he can't quite convince himself it's not his fault.

#19 - Wind
It was howling all night, but now for the first time since coming to LA Eric can see all the way to the ocean instead of clouds of smog, and maybe, maybe, LA won't be so bad after all.

#20 - Freedom
Ari can scream all he wants, but if Vince's career is what it takes, he'll live in a one room studio in Flushing and do off-off Broadway, as long as it means he can walk down the street holding E's hand.

#21 - Life
Johnny and Turtle are fielding calls from Shauna and Ari and Marvin and anyone who's anyone in Vince's professional life, because E and Vince are melded together in one tiny hospital chair, oblivious to anything except their newborn daughter.

#22 - Jealousy
"Hey Drama, d'you think if we start blowing Vince we'll get breakfast in bed too?"

#23 - Hands
Its been a tradition since first grade, when Vince finally learned his numbers properly, so even thirty years later, Vince takes one of E's hands and starts to count each little brown splotch, "One, two, three, four..." and Eric laughs, and laughs, and doesn't pull away.

#24 - Taste
Vince just wants to cry when he tastes the lingering whiskey in E's mouth, because he swore to Mrs. Murphy twenty years ago that he would never let this happen.

#25 - Devotion
Even when Ari is shouting ("You stupid motherfuckers, this is going to DESTROY US ALL.") Vince just clutches Eric's hand a little tighter, and remains resolute.

#26 - Forever
"Please--" Vince says, looking up into Eric's eyes from his place on the floor, and it's sappy, and cinematic, and Eric isn't a girl, but he takes the ring box out of Vince's hands and pulls him up into a kiss, "Of course,"

#27 - Blood
Johnny and Turtle leap into action as soon as they break the door down, but all Vince can do is stand in the bathroom doorway and contemplate how ginger and crimson don't go well together.

#28 - Sickness
No one really believes Eric and Vince came down with flu at the exact same time, but that's the story Shauna feeds the press when they don't come out of the house for a week.

#29 - Melody
"Do you remember that show in high school--" E starts to say, as they're leaning on the balcony, watching the sun come up over the Hollywood hills; and he knows its forever when Vince turns to him with a grin and hums, "Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day..."

#30 - Star
Eric hopes the one tiny sparkling light he can see through the haze of New York sky is a star, and not an airplane, and wishes as hard as he can, one hand in his pocket, the other gripping his best friend.

#31 - Home
After a year of unanswered phone calls, Eric stops thinking of New York as home.

#32 - Confusion
Eric is still looking at him like he started speaking an alien language, so finally Vince just rolls his eyes and kisses him--he was always better with actions anyway.

#33 - Fear
The first day at his new school, Vince can't even tell the class his name, but when the stocky redhead with scabs on his knuckles comes to his rescue on the playground that day, he knows he'll never have to be scared of anything ever again.

#34 - Lightning/Thunder
It's been twenty years since Vince climbed through Eric's window during a storm, and after so long Vince doesn't even have to ask, Eric just shows up in his doorway with a pillow and comfort.

#35 - Bonds
The next day the makeup people give him knowing glances as they dab concealer onto his wrists, but all Vince is concerned with is not getting hard when he sees Eric straightening his tie.

#36 - Market
When E takes his hand in the deli section, and doesn't let go til they hit the checkout, the two years of tabloid wars and building his career back tiny role by tiny role don't seem to matter at all.

#37 - Technology
"Jesus Christ Vince, I'm not a girl, I don't need something vibrating to--" and that's the most coherent thing E says for the rest of the night.

#38 - Gift
The card that comes with the plane tickets reads, "Happy Anniversary ass-bandits!" and Vince can't help thinking its the sweetest thing they've gotten so far.

#39 - Smile
This time Vince doesn't even try to stop E from smacking that smug little grin right off Billy Walsh's face.

#40 - Innocence
Mrs. Chase just keeps cleaning the kitchen, pretending she doesn't hear the moans coming through the tenement's paper thin walls.

#41 - Completion
Shooting hoops in the driveway with Eric, Vince suddenly can't stop laughing: "Guess we've finally come full circle, huh?"

#42 - Clouds
Eric gets as far as, "I had some dreams there were clouds in my coffee--" before Vince whacks him with a pillow, "Shut up, it's the Oscars, I can look in the mirror as long as I want."

#43 - Sky
Holding Vince's hand at the top of a rock at Joshua Tree, E knows he remembers: "I'll take you somewhere you can see the stars one day Vin--I promise."

#44 - Heaven
Eric knows Vince loves him, and doesn't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks about that, and all Eric wants is to wrap him up and protect him from everything.

#45 - Hell
That's why he's standing in LAX, a suitcase in one hand, and a one-way ticket to New York in the other.

#46 - Sun
After their first night together Vince doesn't sleep, just stays up and watches as light slowly filters through the curtains til Eric is glowing in the dawn.

#47 - Moon
I am not a teenager girl, Vince reminds himself after the thirtieth time he's dropped a line because he got distracted watching Eric watching him from the wings.

#48 - Waves
Vince spent every day during the Aquaman shoot in the ocean vomiting over the side of the boat, Eric stroking the back of his neck and whispering soothing nonsense into his ear.

#49 - Hair
If anyone notices that Vince goes home with nothing but redheads for two months after Eric leaves, they're smart enough to keep quiet about it.

#50 - Supernova
Ari was right: his career was very big, and very beautiful, but everything just fucking exploded, and now there's nothing but a black hole--but as Eric reminds him, "I didn't marry your career, asshole."

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